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For any building in the Inver Grove Heights area, a strong roof is the key to the overall structural integrity. It is the first line of defense against storms, hails, snow, fire, heat, and all other external elements. Dues to constant exposure to different weather conditions, it also happens to be the most susceptible element to wear and tear and storm damage on a day to day basis. Needless to say, every roof no matter how strong and durable, will ultimately reach the end of its life and there’s not much you can do about it to turn it around.

Being one of the best roofing companies in Inver Grove Heights and the surrounding areas, Elite Exteriors offers comprehensive roofing service to fit your budget, roofing needs, and time frame. Our services cover both residential and commercial roofing systems and provide a wide selection of roofing materials. With specialized and experienced roofers, we take great pride in our commitment to quality and service for all your roofing needs.

New Roof Installation in Inver Grove Heights

Once your roof has lived its expected life, roof replacement becomes not only inevitable but also incredibly crucial for the overall structural integrity. And while it’s obvious that the idea of a roof replacement can be unsettling for all property owners, delaying a replacement can only lead to bigger and costly problems like leaks, pest infestation, and structural damages.

So if you are trying to avoid a roof replacement just to save money, know that you will only be paying more not only for the remediation and related damages to the structure but also for a new roof. In contrast, new roof installation is a one-time investment that will enhance your curb appeal and boost the value of your property a great deal.

Roof Repairs in Inver Grove Heights

There are more ways than one in which your roof could deteriorate over time. This includes everyday wear and tear caused by Inver Grove Heights’ weather extremes as well as storm damage. Since the state is especially known for its weather extremes, anything from the sun, rain, snow, and hail can cause problems over time.

If your roof is suffering from storm damage or has any other form of deterioration, Elite Exteriors can restore the affected areas promptly. Our team# specializes in all types of roof restoration and roof repair in Inver Grove Heights. So whether it is a minor repairs or some other damage that needs a professional hand to be fixed, we can bring new life to your roof so that it can endure weather extremes for many more storm seasons to come.

Roofing Materials for Your Inver Grove Heights Property

Whether you are looking forward to get a new roof or your current roof requires a complete makeover, its time you realize that there are many roofing material options available.

Since a new roof is a significant investment, it is best to do some research and consider all options before making a final decision. What you want is a roofing material that adds value to your home, is easy to install, and lasts a long time.

Here are some popular options in the Inver Grove Heights area:

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are usually the first choice for many homeowners not only because they are inexpensive, but also because they are easy to install. And not just that, they are require very little maintenance and can be easily repaired should anything goes wrong. With an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years, asphalt shingles offer incredible insulation for your roofing system.

Metal Roofs

If durability and longevity is what you are after, you probably want to consider a metal roof. Metal roofs are typically more durable than asphalt roofs but they also tend to be more expensive. That said, when installed properly, they can last as long as the house itself in most cases. It usually has a lifespan of up to 50 to 75 years.

Slate Shingles

Slate shingles are another top choice when it comes to longevity. It is usually more long-lasting than other options without requiring too much maintenance. Slate also seems to be immune to almost any external element, allowing it to stand against the test of time and weather extremes.


Tiles are also a great roofing material that traditionally made of clay or concrete. And this is exactly what gives this material its incredible durability. They are not only resilient against strong winds and storm damage but are also fire resistant. This option usually also comes with warranties covering them for long periods, offering you plenty of value for your money.

Flat and Low Slope Roofs

Flat or low-slope roofs are one of the most complicated options and therefore, the quality of both roofing materials and installation is critical to stand extreme weather conditions. For any kind of roofing system, low or flat pitch roofs demand extra care in installation. But once the installation is done right, they can offer as much curb appeal and durability as many other roofing material options.

Inver Grove Heights’ Trusted Roofing Service

From heavy rains and blizzards to high winds and hail storms, roofs in Minnesota are subjected to all kinds of extremes. As a result, keeping your home dry and comfortable in such conditions becomes a real nuisance.

At Elite Exteriors, our dedicated team of professional roofers is here to provide you with the best quality work you can get in Minnesota. From siding, repairing, and replacing to gutters, skylights, and insulation, Elite Exterior is your answer to all your roofing needs.

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